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Instructional Management Software

Create your own test! Featuring PASS test items. All grade levels - full graphics including item graphics and on-screen test display. Generate a diagnostic test with one click of the mouse.

Social Studies.......2005
Fully compliant with HS End of Course and HS HSAP standards.




Effective and Affordable Educational Software for individuals with Autism and other Learning Disabilities



ActivEd is an educational technology company developing an innovative movement based platform that accelerates learning while improving health.  Our products are based on fifteen years of research examining the connections between movement and academic achievement, cognitive ability and health.  ActivEd recognizes that kids have differentiated learning preferences, and need movement opportunities to learn effectively.  We also recognize that teachers want outstanding, simple to use resources to address the individual learning needs of their students.  Our first product, Walkabouts, focuses on providing highly engaging supplementary lessons for the PreK-5 learner that are fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards, using physical movements to enhance the classroom learning experience.  These 7-10 minute web deployed lessons can be used in a variety of ways and are designed to enable teachers to best meet the learning preferences of their students.

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